Keiran Galen

Name Keiran Galen, Strikes Down the Unworthy

Tribe Get of Fenris

Auspice Theurge

Rank Adren

Breed Metis

Notable Traits
Keiran is a fairly tall, compact man, with a tail of reddish-dark hair and an almost predatory look. He can be very precise, particularly when performing rituals. He wears plain dark trousers, and linen shirts edged with narrow woven braid.
Keiran is known to be competant both in combat and in spirit dealings, but unlike many at the sept he is not a healer.

Pack None.

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family
Calls the Hunt - his sister, by the same mother.
Njall - the metis son of his sister

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==
Keiran killed his own father.
Keiran punched Calls the Hunt in the face on his arrival.
Keiran views the litany as a calling and verges on acting like a philodox.
Keiran has killed garou for breaking the litany.
Keiran has defended himself again an entire Black Spiral pack.


==OOC Information==

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