Name Keeley Ryan

Tribe Born to a Child of Gaia (Mother), and a Fianna (Father)

Auspice Born under a Cresent Moon

Rank Pre change Cub

Breed Metis

Notable Traits

  • Two spiral-like horns
  • Cloven hooves
  • Partial club-footed hoof on the left side
  • Appears to have a pure breed of 3 from the Children of Gaia Tribe
  • Carries a larges stuffed bat around at all times
  • Dislikes Angry Garou, but seems to be alright around those with High Rage

Keeley is a tiny crinos child, who looks to be the size of your average three year old toddler. She doesn't speak, but it's clear she has a very good understanding of English, and possibly a few other languages. She's nearly always seen in the company of her mother, either carried on her hip, or clinging to her back.


==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family
Mother: Andrea Ryan
Father: Connor Ryan

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==

  • Isn't a Metis at all, but a Satyr in hiding
  • Her mother takes her to the umbra often
  • Has an IQ of over 115


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