Player: TroubleKitten

Name: Kalika Darkraven Visiting NPC
Named by Garou: Sage, Orphean Sight, Walks the true path, Sees Clearly, Heals the Nation, Shadows Voice of Hope, Little Warrior Princess, Crawls through Snakes, Fenris Bane, Hits like a Theurge, Chases Dreams Reality.
Named by Fera: Granddaughter Sandrunner, Chases Bells, Jewel of the Sands, and Desert Flower.

Creature Type: Homid Garou

Tribe: Silent Strider

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Elder

Position(s): Rites Mistress and Eldest Strider at St. Marys.

Description: 10app SS pbx2
Homid: Kalika is a petite, delicate, 5' woman, maybe 85 or 90lbs. She is clearly of Egyptian/romani descent and in her early twenties or so, with waist length black hair, dark brown eyes, gold skin. She is wearing a long black silk sari-like dress with red, gold, and orange pattersns (crafts 5), and entirely too much jewelry. She moves gracefully adn completely silently. Often, her eyes focus on things that no one else can see, though she tries to keep her attention on the here and now. She seems slightly ethereal and otherworldly, and people tend not to approach her. PM for visible scars and fetishes.

Kalika in lupus, is a very small black and gold jackal with a few scars.

Common Knowledge:
Kalika is the ritesmistress and eldest strider at St. Marys, a sept connected to Leaping Stag via moonbridge.

She visits regularly, assisting Taki with his menagerie, and teaching anyone who asks, including so far, Taki, Lilly, and Kayyla.

Kalika is incredibly polite, often hiding her curiosity behind manners.

She's very distant, and just not quite of this world. Some people call her 'Kreeplika', but rarely to her face.

She has contacts among most of the supernatural community, even those that others would consider dangerous.

Despite being creepy and often-traveling, most of the sept tolerates her, if for no other reason than that she's extremely knowledgeable about, well, nearly everything.

It seems impossible that she'd be useful in a fight given her delicate appearance and soft mannerisms. For those with strider lore however, stories of her assaults against setites and banes are almost legendary.


Player Information:

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