Kai Michelson

Kai James Michelson


Player: Karl Fox

Name: Kai James Michelson

Creature Type: Kinfolk

Tribe: Children of Gaia

Nationality: American

Born: December 14th 1991




Kai is a tall slender young man in his late teens with a healthy tan. He has short sun kissed blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He tends to dress for the cold weather, preferring hipster jeans, snow boots, and a heavy wool hoodyand leather jacket.

{Children of Gaia PB x3 Appearance x6, ~ Natural Leader }


  • His mother is a Michelson Kin of North Carolina and His Father a Johnson of Louisiana.
  • He is the youngest of seven siblings, a mixture of Garou and Kin.

Information known to the Nation

  • He arrived on his own from New Orleans.
  • His family is known within the Child of Gaia Tribe to be associated with the supernatural.
  • He has been chasing after Kimi Snowfeather and has even been on a few dates with her.
  • Before coming to Alaska he was a street performer specializing in acrobatics and Fire Performance.


  • He's a Serial Killer
  • Hes delusional and a schizophrenic.
  • His family are all witches.
  • Hes hiding out in Alaska because there is a warrant for his arrest in New Orleans.


  • Nothing of note.

IC Contact Info

  • The #Meeting-Hall
  • Cellphone number on notice board.

OOC Information


Player: Karl Fox

Time Zone: Eastern

Location: North Carolina

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: kfoxirl @ gmail.com
    • Please list LS - Kai in the beginning of the subject line.
    • This is the best way to be sure I get a message and remember it.
  • IRC: Karlooc
    • Feel free to PM me or email me if I seem to be AFK and unresponsive.


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