Juno Lykopis

Name - Juno Lykopis

Deed Names - Voice of the Isles, Celaeno's Shadow

Tribe - Black Furies

Auspice - Ragabash

Rank - Fostern

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits - Curly, chocolate brown hair, firey temperment, easily excitable

Pack -
None, but lazily looking

Information known to the Nation

Juno measures in at a rather puny 5'1" in height, and is rather scrawny of build, but when commented on, she refers to it as being compact, and built low to the ground for superb speed and accuracy. She dresses mostly in comfortable clothing, usually well fitting pants, either Jeans or Dress Style, and simple tops, of one color or another. She pulls her hair up in a messy mound of curls most of the time, as it's simply the easiest solution. She strives for comfort, rather than fashion, as it's clear she has none.

Hails from Greece, and is the cousin of Vasilios, and sister of some relation to the kinfolk Darius.

She is easily swayed by chocolaty treats of one kind or another, favoring Koala Yummies over all other, if you can find them. She's prone to doing favors for people she likes, and can be downright nasty to those she doesn't.

Her first Christmas/Yule/Winter Solstice, was spent alone in the hall, hiding away in her room after a falling out some days prior with her brother.

She comes off as strong willed, and sticks with her beliefs and laughs at anyone who tries to change her views. She won't change for anyone. She's known to mock those who display abhorring accounts of stupidity, rather than outright scandal them to their peers, and won't hesitate to crack a joke, and display unmatched levels of sarcasm when the chance arises.

She left the sept shortly after claiming eldest Black Fury, claiming an emergency had arisen at her home sept and she needed to return.


  • Vasilios Lykaios, Kinfolk and cousin, protectorate
  • Koren Lykopis - Sister
  • Sybil Lykopis - Sister
  • Darius Lykopis - Brother

Rites and Challenges


  • "She gave me a bag full of chocolate for a piggy hat with googley eyes. Somehow, I think I have emerged the victor in this…" - Bailey


  • The Lykopis girls all have different Father's.
  • Darius was really a metis, thus why no one really knows who he is.
  • Juno's mom might just be the craziest Ahroun in all of Athens.
  • Juno is totally into the girls. Boys are icky.
  • Juno suffers from some sort of brain defect, thus why she's such a chatter box. She can't help it, it's medical.
  • Juno might have a problem, but what that problem is, has yet to be discovered.

Distrubed - This Moment
Disturbed - Two Worlds

OOC Information

Player - Manda 'Squee' Scroggins

Location - Illernoise

Contact info - moc.loa|lrugeeuqS#moc.loa|lrugeeuqS

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