Jokers Wyld

Totem: Loki

Pack Purpose:
The Jokers' Wyld is a multi-purpose pack. Primarily scouting/info gathering, they also function as an instructing pack, surgical strike team, and, when necessary, assassination team.

Pack Members:

The Jokers' Wyld has recently disbanded, when Taki decided that his path did not involve following Loki, or being in a garou-dominant pack.

Deceased Members:

Pack History
Taki and Lilly met quite some time ago, when Lilly was just newly-changed. They worked together in a sept, and then hit the road together for a while after Lilly's Rite of Passage. They spent a few years where they'd go their separate ways, and then run into each other and stick together for a bit, only to part down the road. Eventually, they met up at another sept, where they met Thera. The three realized they worked very well together, and got along really well, so they decided to form an official pack.

Known to the Nation


Totem Stats
Base Cost: 7
Spirit Type: Loki
Pack Ban: May never refuse an honourable challenge and the packs kills must be dedicated to Loki.
Base Benefits: One extra Healthy level, one physical trait of choice, which can take the character above their rank maximum. Pack Link.
Additional Benefits:

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