Jocelyn Constantin

Player: Mandy or Kitty_OoC

Aliases: Joce

Creature Type: Shadowlord Kinfolk

Notable Traits

* She has 4 appearance traits
* She has pb x3 with Shadowlords
* She has burn scarring that covers for most along the left side of her body in patches. Along the lower cheek under her eyes, running down her neck to her shoulder with more patches along her torso, stomach, and legs
* She also has one long, jagged claw scar going across the left eye, from brow to over her cheek
* Her mother and her resemble each other greatly


Jocelyn stands about 5'4" and about 115lbs. Her long dark locks frame about her face while falling over the left of her face, partially,as a pair of hazel eyes stare out. Her body is lean and tone as she moves with graceful ease. She is wearing a short sleeve white blouse with a long black skirt over a pair of leather boots, adding an elbow length glove on her left arm.



* Mother: Anastasia "Shadow's Wyld Song, Whispers in Twilight, Luna's Dark Voice" Adren of the Nation under a Gibbous Moon of the Shadowlords, born of woman
* Father: (Adopted) Josif Constantin, "Ashen Tongue, Shadows-the-Lore-Surppasses-the-Teacher, Luna's Void, Hacks-the-Dark-Realms,Venomous-Shadows, Athro of the Nation under a Crescent Moon of the Shadowlords, born of woman
* Half Brother: Anton-Leonid Constantin, "Gaia's Inkblot, Shadowed-Soul" Fostern of the Nation under a No moon of the Shadowlords, born of shame

Common Knowledge


* Was found a hundred or so yards off the bawn to Leaping Stand by Eyes with there being a remains of a small passenger plane several yards away when she first came to the sept
* Is known to help the nation with her innate ability to shapeshift herself in the aid of helping the nation with defending or spying


* Seems to have a target on ass for Spirals to chase after her.. Or is because he forgot to wear a pair of pants…and underwear.
* Few months ago, she chose to be mate with Arashi, but that soon fell out of favor with hearing the talk of him wanting to be with another. She broke it off quickly, not wanting to deal with the hurt of it and fled out into the night just an evening before a blizzard came in.


Find out IC… she might talk about stuff…

IC Contact Info

Leaving a note at the Meeting hall is the best way of contact.


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