Jillian Gregory

Jillian Gregory


Player: Nikki Fox

Name: Jillian Gregory

Creature Type: Kinfolk

Tribe: Children of Gaia

Nationality: American

Born: September 11, 1988


  • NONE



Base Description:

Jillian is a woman in her early twenties with long black hair and soft porcelain skin. She has a bit of an arrogant look about her. She seems to be analyzing every word and action. She stands 6’0 tall wearing a heavy dressy sweater and a pair slacks with 3 in heel boots. (PB x 1 COG, 7 App)


  • None to speak of in the area.

Information known to the Nation

  • Criminal Lawyer.
  • Speaks many Languages.


  • Had her arranged mate deported against his will.
  • Has been disowned by her family for her realtionship perferences.
  • Was a child genius.


  • Nothing of note.

IC Contact Info

  • The #Meeting-Hall

OOC Information

Player: Nakisha Fox

Time Zone: Eastern

Location: North Carolina

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: ashlinghaine @ gmail.com
    • This is the best way to be sure I get a message and remember it.
  • IRC: Nikkiooc
    • Feel free to PM me or email me if I seem to be AFK and unresponsive.


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