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James Fairbairn


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Notable Traits

Physical traits: James is a distinctive man, standing 6' 2" tall, with a long brown ponytail with a single, vivid white strand of hair leading from from his forward hairline to the tip of the ponytail. He has grey-blue eyes and a near constant smile on his face, which always seems slightly mocking. However, the part which makes him most distinctive is the rest of his body. Any part of his body which cannot be easily covered with clothes is a mess of scars. The oldest are dozens, maybe hundreds, of cuts and little round burn marks which mar his torso, upper arms and his legs. He has a fairly new scar across his chest, a three striped claw mark which is clearly not Garou in origin. The most uncomfortable to look at is one of the oldest, a twisted mess of a scar across his stomach which looks very badly healed. If asked about it his response is "It was a gift from my mother."

Social traits: James has a fairly acidic, surreal sense of humour which often leaves people either angry, confused, or on a good day, both. His moods shift from day to day, hour to hour, moment to moment, going from lighthearted whimsy to black hate, deep affection to crippling sorrow in a blink of an eye. He however does seem to be gaining some control over his passions, though whether this is through bottling up the problems or actual progress remains to be seen. His is also known for a rather good singing voice.


None, but affiliated with Sheepkillers pack

==Information known to the Nation==

  • James Fairbairn has had a childhood from hell, followed by the basest form of living while on the streets, followed quickly by a mostly uncommunicated form of abuse by Garou once they had "rescued" him from the streets.
  • James has no real respect for the Nation as a body, but individual members have impressed him to a greater or lesser degree.
  • James once fell deeply in love with a Garou who was taken and sacrificed by Skindancers. James overcame a lot of his issues with the Garou Nation via his utter, unrelenting hate of the blasphemous Tribe
  • James has a daughter, Jade, from the relationship with his lost love, and a son, Killian, who was born from a night with a visiting Garou who subsequently turned out to be a Black Spiral cub. The mother was redeemed but died in battle, leaving James with two motherless children.
  • James' First Change is wreathed in secrecy, as nobody was a witness to it and no Spirit seems to have any information on where or how it happened.
  • James owns a large, quite successful pub in Anchorage.
  • James has an almost supernatural resistance to pain, boardering on the dangerous. He once broke his leg so badly the bone broke skin and he didn't notice until it was pointed out to him.

Kin / family

  • Jade Fairbairn - Daughter of James Fairbairn and Jade Dustin
  • Killian Fairbairn - Son of James and Hammerheart
  • 6 Kinfolk women who help James run his large bar in anchorage, none of which seem related to him, but are fiercely loyal and devoted. James, when asked about them, gives a slightly bitter smile and says "They needed help, and I could give it."
  • Magnolia Trenton - Silent Strider kin who when she is not being a pilot is his devoted girlfriend.
  • Nahimana - Wendigo Kin with exceptional Pure Breed, who is also James' girlfriend, causing much confusion amongst newcomers.

Rites and Challenges

Rite of Passage: Help deliver Sheepkillers pups into Red Talon territory and survive. This challenge has been extended to include bringing home Nightpath and himself to Leaping Stag, rescuing Sheepkiller from a medical research centre, and now he is looking after Sheepkiller while she is suffering some form of mental trauma.


Kill any and all Skindancers that exist.

== Rumors ==

  • James is reputed to have killed an entire Skindancer pack by himself.
  • The three clawed scar on his chest is said to have come from Griffon, when Griffon approved of him as a Garou.
  • James is rumoured to have slept with almost every Kin that is, or has been, single at some point during his stay at Leaping Stag. He's also said to be directly responsible for the population explosion in Leaping Stag, something he denies with a smile.
  • James is said to have an extensive arsenal of weapons somewhere on Sept, the crowning piece being a true katana, which has almost never been seen unless he was hunting Skindancers.

Quotes - A word from the rest of the Sept (Add your characters thoughts on him, thats what it's here for!)

  • "James is the first guy I'd consider giving up piloting to be with." Magnolia Trenton, Silent Strider Kin
  • "I am not understanding your meaning. This is what I am saying to James many many times. But he is always smiling and kissing me. So I am not minding so much." Nahimana, Daughter of a Sioux Chief, Wendigo PB5.
  • "He's a good man. Insane… but a good man. Better than he lets on, mostly." - Talin, Elder Ahroun of the Wendigo.
  • "Uhm… James? You're bleeding…." - Minds.
  • "You have the best booze!" - Stormchaser.
  • "So much pain and anger…. I pray to Brigid he dosn'na fall to it" - Sioned, Fostern Philodox Fianna
  • "Did you drink the beer or swim in it?" - Daniel


Foo Fighters - Best of You
Hammerfall - Last Man Standing
Roadrunner United - Army of the Sun

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