IRC Channels

OOC Room: #ls-ooc

IC Rooms:

#ls-bawn - The Inner Bawn of the caern, an area of open forest for the most part

#ls-pond - The pond in the bawn

#ls-outerbawn - The Outer Bawn, forest and hillside

#meeting-hall - The main downstairs hall of the building which stands over the caern heart

#ls-dorms - The dormitories

#ls-mourninghall - The Hall of Hallowed Heroes

#ls-ritualroom - The ritual room

#ls-armoury - The armoury/challenge circle/training room

#ls-kitchen - The meetinghall kitchen

#ls-forge - The forge is in a building at the back of the hall, simply equipped. Brynja Halldorsdottir runs it.

#ls-serenity - The kin town of Serenity, 15 minutes walk from the meeting hall

#ls-anchorage - The city of anchorage

#ls-umbra - The umbra

#ls-umbral-bawn - The umbral bawn if a second channel is required

#ls-caernheart - The caern heart, entry requires permission unless you are a sept officer or a guardian on duty

#aprils-cabin - The cabin near the bawn owned by the kin April Masterson, where Talin, Elena and Xian also often dwell

#bens-cabin - The cabin in Serenity belonging to Benjamin Rodgers, kinfolk

#pearls-place - The Icewind Packhouse, belonging to Pearl Carey, kinfolk

#ls-cantwell - The town of Cantwell

#ls-underdark - The tunnels beneath the sept

#ls-nightsky - The caves where Nightsky once lived (see an ST if you're trying to find them)

#ls-greenhouse - The greenhouses, contact Minds (see an ST) for access

#hidden-secrets - The Hidden Secrets Caern bawn

#hs-lodge - The Hidden Secrets Caern lodge

#ls-plot - By ST invite only

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