Howls - Commonly known howls of the Garou.
Lexicon - The unusual words and language common amongst Garou society.
Traits - A listing of the various traits, positive and negative, a character can bid in challenges.
Forms - A notation of the five Garou forms, and the trait differences.
Abilities - The various abilities availible to characters.
Auspices - The moon-phases of the Garou affect their personalities, roles in Werewolf society, treatment by spirits, powers and indeed, their very souls.
Renown - How a deed based society measures its members.
Tribes - The Tribes of the Garou Nation, different spiritual and blood heritages, each with their own views on how best to do their duty to Gaia.
Map of the Sept - This is a Google Map of where the sept is Located to avoid any confusion.

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