Name Inana Hecati Marshell

Tribe birth tribe unknown at this time made Fianna kin when mated to Outlaw

Notable Traits
she is a full figured woman with dishwater blond hair and plain blue eyes and is ither seen in a business suit or jeans t-shirt and one of outlaws flannel shirts. she stand 5'6 and has glasses on when she reads anything

==Information known to the Nation==
Her father is in the marines she has alot of brothers and sisters not much else is known about her family or her

Is Mated to Jake Outlaws Legacy
Had a baby boy at about 1 pm Christmas day named him Bran Owen Marshell


Kin / family
SON Bran Owen Marshell
Biological Parents: Maridith and Darian Renolds
Adopted Father: Alan Marshell Captain in the Marine core
Step mother: Sandra Marshell Captin in the US Navy
Siblings: Johnathan, Emily, Adam, Barbra, Cali, David, Francis, Gweniver, Harry, Keith, Laura and the baby Morgan
step siblings: Kevin, Micheal and Gabreil
Johnathan,25 Married to Tabatha 2 children
Emily, 24
Adam, 23 Married to Jessica 1 child
Cali, 22
David, 20
Francis, 20
Gweniver, 19 Married to Roan 2 children
Harry, 18
Keith, 18
Laura 17 (PC in play)
Morgan. 15
Kevin 28 Married to Natalia 4 children a 5th on the way
Micheal 24
Gabriel 23 Married to Clarissa no kids

both of her Biological parents are dead she is the oldest of the siblings but second eldest with the step siblings added in she was raised in the military and has only recently found out about garou

== Rumors ==

working in town as an accountant and at the sept for Dani as a buisness manager
has 3 degrees and working on a 4th
Degree in archaeology accounting and Buisness managment and is working on anthropology

Is pregnant due on Christmas

== Quotes ==

  • "When I met Inana, it took her about 2.5 seconds to decide I was going to come live with her and Jake and that she was going to adopt me. I've never had a family beforeā€¦it's been weird getting used to people who care about what happens to me." Bailey Simons, Bonegnawer kin


==OOC Information==

Player Megan Prettyman

Location Sandpoint

Contact info moc.liamg|yttiknageM#moc.liamg|yttiknageM

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