Dennis Hartmann

Player: Tim or Tim-oc

Aliases: Hoss

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Auspice: Ahroun or Modi

Rank: Adren

Pack: Beta of Fenrir Pride

Deednames: Fist of Tyr, Clap of Mjolnir, Tempered Glory, Shatters the Veil, Eats the Tainted Soul

Notable Traits

* He has high pure breeding with the tribe (x5)
* Scars
* Quite a tall man standing at 8 feet.


Hoss stands 8 feet tall with burn scars across his face and neck, small tufts of light brown hair adorn his head where there is no scarring. He wears camo pants and an old army field jacket.


* His father, Calvin Hartmann, Rage of Fenris, Athro Modi is the sept alpha back at his home sept.
* a few siblings
* Kaedyn Lawernce, kinfolk of Fenris and his mate (decease)

Common Knowledge

* He is from the Sept of Tyr's Bidding, in the mountains of North Carolina
* Had taken a kin, Kaedyn Lawernce, as his mate when at a sept down within New Orleans. She was pregnant with their first child when he came to find out that she had been brutally murdered. This happened about 5 months prior to his arrival to Leaping Stag.



Find out IC… he might talk about stuff…

IC Contact Info

Calling him is the best way to get him.

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