Helmar Elricksson



Helmar "Shield Smasher" Elricksson


Get of Fenris


Skald ( Galliard )


Son of Elrick Hrafnsson, Crushes Skulls, Horn Drainer, Ravens Friend, Human Born Adren Modi (Ahroun) of the Get of Frenris (deceased)



Notable Traits

Helmar stands six foot five with shaggy blonde hair and beard, his stark blue eyes have a predatorial glint to them (feral), a scar runs up the left side of his cheek (scarred x2), and he is generally dressed in jeans, a t-shirt of some sort and a leather jacket with a grey wolf on the back. He has strong Scandinavian features (GoF x3). He is relatively good looking (4 apps- seductive x2, elegant, and magnetic) in that near wild sort of way. On his right arm there is a tattoo of a grey wolf biting into chains.


Information known to the Nation

  • Helmar arrived at the sept seeming to be very stoic and unemotional, he has shown a bit of emotion now due to various individuals.
  • Helmar firsted during the Menagerie Caern Raising.

Kin / Family

His family is primarily in Minnesota on a sept near Minneapolis where he grew up. His father is remembered in honor and his mother is a strong kinfolk still living in Minnesota. He has three younger siblings.

Has an adorable four year old kin to the Get of Fenris girl.


Quests / Challenges

Right of Passage (Currently underway):
Demitri slugs Helmar bloodying his lip, "Taste the blood in your veins, know your mortality, and remember that though you are Fenrir's chosen and Gaia's chosen, you are not immortal. Thus you are taught the value of your life. I charge you with the following challenge, You are to go forth to St Marys via the Umbral Pathways. Along the way or once there, you must find a tale of Honor and a tale of Wisdom that has not been told yet…
<Demitri> …You must also find your own tale of Glory along the way. This is your challenge, make yourself ready.


  • Has fathered a child off a Fianna and still refuses to snuggle with the mother.
  • Used a shield to stake a leech.
  • Has seen the dead live before him, and no we're not talking Zombies or Leeches.
  • Leather goods are made to be used in the battle against Gaias enemies.
  • Abhors weakness and most signs of emotion.
  • Loves his motorcycle more then most people.
  • Is dedicated to the safety of Get Kin.
  • Everyone hates BSD and Leeches… but Helmar seems to hold a special hatred for leeches.
  • Helmar is a shameless ladies man and has caused the women of the sept to fight over him.
  • Helmar is addicted to Brynja Halldorsdottir's mead.
  • Has adopted Chance Holson as his sister.
  • Koren of the Corax is quite attracted to Helmar.
  • According to Koren and Blake Rose, Brynja and Helmar have been having sex and breaking her marriage oath all along. Blake Rose even claims he has verified the "fact."
  • Helmar likes to skinny dip in the hot springs.


  • Helmar Elricksson (in Crinos) begins to shift down and then finds himself to be quite naked and looks around for his armor rather then being embaressed about his state, "Wheres my armor?" ~ Calvin Davis: "You broke it when you Changed" Calvin Davis sniggers and slips off his armor, then tosses Helmar his loose jersey. ~ A look of complete devestation goes over his [Helmar's] face and [Helmar] pulls on the jersey. Helmar Elricksson quickly replaces the look of devestation with a stoic demeanor
  • Get of Fenris on Thanksgiving: Helmar Elricksson smiles to Brynja and chuckles "I like to remember our ancestors that came here before Columbus" ~ Brynja grins "Ah that makes a bit more sense than a bunch of British colonists that had no clue on how to survive" ~ Helmar Elricksson laughs and nods "yes.. yes it does.."


Led Zeppelin Immigration Song

George Strait Cowboys Like Us

Song of the Shield Wall

Karl Donaldsson They Shall Know We Are Heathens

Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah

This Life

Born To Be Wild

Tyr Ragnarock

Viking Music Video

Hinder Lips Of An Angel

Three Days Grace Bitter Taste

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