Hall Of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes attaches from the corridor of the main meeting hall. Within is carefully maintained room of bones, sacred items recovered, dusty tomes of history, flowers from love ones.

The older bones are incomplete and bare of many items. They are near the main sacred circle at the back of the room where Skyhawk administers to the dead. These bones have a colder darker feeling then the others in the room.

The walls depict those fallen in careful woven tapestry. Some have vague impressions as almost ghostlike quality and some startling accurate visages for the weaver to depict.

The sacred circle is watched over by small shrines of the totems carved as native american totem poles. Each pole holds a wooden plate and upon them are glyphs of names rank tribe auspice and sept of fallen heroes of Leaping Stag, Northern Lights, & Midnight Sun.

The sacred circle is guarded by Skyhawk and not easily accessible, ask about it if you are going to look. Those who have Garou Lore 4 or 5, speak to Hazel if you want to know more about the septs named here.

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