Rachel Smith, Freefall

Sun's Light in Coldest Night, or more simply Freefall, Night-Sun Shining Halpatee of the Mokole-mbembe of Gendasi and the Clutch of River of Grass. Her legal name to the human world is Holata Lunes; but as the Garou find this name as alien as the Mokole are said to be, she has assumed the name Rachel Smith to…make things easier.

Freefall, like all Mokole, has only three forms: her breed form of an American alligator, her homid, and her Dream form, the Archid:

In homid she looks almost Native American…almost. She's just a bit too dark to look right for the culture, but not dark enough to be considered African American. She has black hair, and a triangular face that has reddish brown eyes, an odd, unsettling color in most; she appears somewhere in her early twenties. Beyond that, it's hard to see anything of interest about her; she's generally in thick, warm clothing- thick fluffy wool sweaters, jeans, that sort of thing.

In suchid she is an American alligator, nine feet long, with a long, thick tail and a round snout. Her back is green-black, and her belly is a dull cream-grey.

In archid is the Dream of Dragon's vision for the cold; others might recognize the shape from cultures throughout the globe. They graced the gates of Ishtar; pulled the charriot of Apollo; stood viciously defending their eggs in narrow caves in ancient times. She is the image of a gryphon; fur, feathers, wings, beak. A combination of great cat, and majestic bird of prey, melded in a delicate balance that allows a myth to come to life. Her plumage and fur is black, and the color of her scaled "forehands" and beak are a dull greyish yellow. However her eyes are the same reddish brown and unsettling.

OOC: 4 appearance-related traits, no pure breed.

==Information known to the sept of Leaping Stag==

Freefall has taken to traveling with Taki, Django, Outlaw's Legacy and others from the Menagarie; in fact, she has even moved her belongings from the Sept of Leaping Stag to there, and claims the Menagarie as a sort of "territory" (even if only one in name to make her feel good about herself). She is dedicated to witnessing the unraveling and beginnings of the Mandates of Unity, making their study her life's work. Recently she has joined a pack- which they are calling a Family- led by Taki the Kitsune, alongside Django the Corax kinfolk, Outlaw's Legacy a Fostern Galliard Metis Fianna, Lilly an Adren Bone Gnawer Ragabash Homid, and Myra a- well. They don't talk about Myra much, and really Freefall's making her decisions about that one still anyhow.

Also, it's becoming well enough known that she is currently courting Django as her mate, and he courting her. In true Mokole fashion, though, she's taking her time and encouraging them to wait to affirm the commitment until after he has his Rite of the Fetish Egg and becomes a full Corax. It's becoming very clear though that Freefall has no problems sharing him.

Rites and Chalenges

Freefall can often be seen sneaking in and out of the kitchen both at the Menagarie and at Leaping Stag: when she leaves, there is always significantly more food than she left. It must be Mokole magic.



== Rumors ==

It's said that currently she's molting because she went to Sun's domain and then to talk to Raven. There's something about feathers and Corax involved. She came back and since then, Freefall's been molting up a storm. (Nov 2009)

==OOC Information==

Player: Gryphlet Yes. This is my blatant excuse to play a gryphon in a World of Darkness campaign. Got a problem with it, just bite my 3-page background story and let me have my fun!!! ./sticks out tongue


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