Name Breed Tribe Auspice Notes
Ailith Eagles Homid Child of Gaia Philodox Caller of the Wyld, Guardian
Alex Lupus Wendigo Ahroun
Alex Watches in Silence Homid Child of Gaia Ahroun War Leader
Anne Stormchaser Homid Black Fury Philodox NPC
Arthur Warwick Homid Glasswalker Ragabash
Blake Rose Homid Shadow Lord Ragabash
Bloody Handed Eagle Homid Get of Fenris Theurge Master of Challenge
Bogie (aka Thomas Beauregarde) Homid Glasswalker Ahroun
Calvin Baer Homid Glasswalker Ahroun
Cecilia swims in darkness Metis Child of Gaia Ragabash
Connor Ryan Homid Fianna Ragabash
Chris Briggs Homid Bone Gnawer Galliard
Daciana Emilianescu Homid Shadow Lords Ahroun
Danced with Destiny Homid Fianna Ahroun
Dances With Death Lupus Uktena Philodox
Demitri Maximoff Homid Get of Fenris Ahroun
Eyes of Rust and Steel Homid Shadow Lord Theurge
Garrett Elliott Homid Child of Gaia Galliard Assistant Keeper of the Land
Juno Lykopis Homid Black Fury Ragabash
Kirk Homid Child of Gaia Ahroun
Lucas O`reily Homid Fianna Ragabash
Makuyi Spiritwynd Lupus Wendigo Philodox
Marcus Blackwood Shadow Lord Ragabash klaivebearer
Michael Carletta Short Circuits the Wyrm Homid Glass Walker Philodox
Onuris Homid Silver Fang Galliard
Ronald Carey Homid Child of Gaia Philodox NPC
Saghani Galliard Homid Uktena
Sings the Hidden Songs Metis Uktena Theurge
Sioned Homid Fianna Philodox
Skyhawk Homid Uktena Philodox Grave's Wisdom, Truthcatcher, Eldest Philodox
Supria Shivale Homid Stargazer Theurge
Thera Homid Get of Fenris Theurge
Trin Homid Silent Strider Ahroun In the Jade court
WintersRage Lupus Child of Gaia Ahroun
Fionn Modrson Homid Get of Fenris Ahroun Pack Alpha of An Siorai
Joseph Mills Homid Wendigo Galliard Pack Beta of An Siorai
Katerina Mischkov Homid Silver Fang Theurge Eldest Silver Fang
Kimi Snowfeather Homid Uktena Philidox
Arkady Spoo Homid Child of Gaia Ragabash
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