Name Breed Rank Auspice Notes
Aaron McFin Homid Fostern Ahroun Beta of Denali's Breath Pack
Bridget McFin Homid Fostern Ahroun Alpha of Denali's Breath Pack
Daniel Homid Cliath Ragabash
Delia Homid Cliath Galliard
James Fairbairn Homid Cliath Ragabash
Mary-Lou Winters Homid Cliath Philodox NPC
Sibeal MacNamera Gabha Homid Fostern Theurge Keeper of the Land
Tobias Homid Athro Theurge Master of the Rite, Eldest Theurge

Ciara O'Malley
Connor O'Reilly
Miles "McBendy" McGinty
Seamus Gabha
Siobhan Gabha

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