Eyes Of Rust And Steel

"I see the end of all things so you never will."


Eyes Of Rust and Steel


Shadow Lord







Notable Traits

Physical traits: He is a willowy young man, standing about 6' 1". His most notable trait is his albino features, white hair, red-pink eyes and skin so pale as to be translucent. He accents this feature with pale pastels or white clothing, making him seem ethereal and ghostly. His posture is one of casual self-assurence, always appearing confident even when out of his depth.

Social traits: He has a dry, bitter sense of humour, and has little sympathy for those who dither or who lack confidence. His gaze is piercing, and always judgemental. He is not aggressive when he speaks, and does not exactly force his opinions on others, but he has firm beliefs he will not relent on.



==Information known to the Nation==

  • Was in a pack, now disbanded.
  • Arrived at the Sept on a whim, and was fascinated by many of the supernatural features of the place.
  • Eyes of Rust and Steel can see Wyrm Taint and Wyld Taint.
  • He is something of a Garou expert on vampire hunting, knowing more than most about their tactics and even a little about their society.
  • He is, in his own words, morally flexible, and does many things in the name of Gaia that most found find vile and repugnant.
  • He has quite considerable medical skill, up to surgeon level, but very rarely uses it.

Kin / family

None known.

Rites and Challenges


Eyes of Rust and Steel was in an Anruth pack that roamed the north, covering much of West Canada and Alaska. He has spoken very little about what the packs purpose was, but it is clear whatver it was is now concluded, and the pack has disbanded, apparently under amicable conditions.

== Rumors ==

  • Eyes of Rust and Steel is somehow cursed.
  • Eyes of Rust and Steel is an expert in torture and interrogation

Quotes - A word from the rest of the Sept (Add your characters thoughts on him, thats what it's here for!)

  • "I don't think he realizes that doing bad things doesn't make him a bad person. I have a pretty good idea of what he could do to someone - but I also am pretty sure he wouldn't do that to me. And really, thats all that matters right now." - Bailey Simons, Bonegnawer Kin


Perfect Insanity - Disturbed
Eyes of Tomorrow - Broken Iris

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