Elise Bennett

Name: Elise Bennett
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Breed: Kinfolk
Auspice: Theurge


Elise is a young girl around seventeen years old. Her skin is a perfect pale complection with little to no freckling. She has long thick platinum blond hair that falls just past her shoulders. Deep blue eyes seem to search everyone questioningly. She has a thin frame and wears neat, up to date fashion.

==Information known to the Nation:==
*She was kidnapped by Pandora's box and rescued by the Sept.
*Her parents sent Piotr Sokolov (Digger) to look for her.
*She's still in High School, but seems to be settling down at the Sept instead.
*Sticks around Digger a lot…one might think they are mates. But nothing has been said about that.

Kin / family
*Piotr Sokolov

== Rumors ==


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