Earthquake Pack

Following the Wyld's Messenger of Glory: Earthquake

  • Calvin Davis - Alpha, Adren Ahroun Fianna.
  • Thera - Fostern Theurge Get of Fenris
  • Unholy - Fostern Philodox Shadow Lord


Background Cost: 5
(NOTE - From Player's Guide to the Garou, P. 138. Conversion to MET Mechanics approved)
As the Messenger of the Wyld’s Glory, Earthquake has little of Volcano’s codes and ethics, or Twister’s mysteries. He is bent on one goal only - the destruction of anything and anyone that displeases him. Earthquake has little metaphysical knowledge to offer his children, instead he teaches them exactly how to hit something so that it will be hurt as much as possible, and that is all. And in the presence of Earthquake, who would dare argue his decisions?
Traits: Earthquake teaches each of his children + 1 Brawl, so that they may act as his fists. In addition,
he grants his pack +3 Strength-based Traits (which can go above cap). As the chosen of the Wyld’s Messenger of Glory, his packs gain + 1 Glory.
Ban: Children of Earthquake may never travel by air

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