Name Goes by Django Reinhardt, Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplain, and more recently… George. He is quite open about none of them being his actual name.

Ferra Corax

Rank Fletchling

Breed Homid

Notable Traits
Django stands about five foot two inches however what he lacks up in size he more then makes up for in general looks. His hair is midnight black and his eyes are the color of pitch black, looking into them is like looking into a bottomless pit. His skin is a deep olive tone similar to that of those from the Indian continent though lighter by the barest shade. His smile is bright and inviting. (Six App traits). He is seldom seen without his guitar and looks to be in his late teens or early twenties. (He was born in may under a Galliard moon in 1991)

==Information known to the Nation==
He's not very well known, however there are rumors that he's escaping something from the sept that he left. He also seems to be conflicted concerning the opposite sex but tries to bury himself in practicing his guitar and helping in odd jobs on the sept.

Kin / family
Adopted into the Matsuyo Clan by Taki

Adopted Sister Bailey Simons

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==
Django is being tracked by angry Black Furies who will stop at nothing to punish Django for his past.
Django is really just the rebel son of an academic.
Did you know that he's single handedly pulled more cons on a single sept then anyone in recorded history?
Many might ask Owl why Django has not been disowned, the truth is.. Django is the bearer for greatness.
Is a horrible Rom, so bad that they have declared him untouchable.

== Quotes ==
"It took my hearing a story about a ghost who loved his wife so much that he stayed with her for nearly eighty years after he died, just so that he could remain with her.. for me to realize what love is.. and that… I kind of want that"- Django

"Django, you've dissappointed me.. but if you're going to run.. please take this quilt with you.. you'll need it." - Djangos mother

"He's the big brother I never had and never knew I needed. He can be a tremendous jerk at times…but he's always been there for me when I needed him." Bailey Simons, Bonegnawer Kin

"Django makes a FANTASTIC husband…when you're playing make believe." Bailey, talking about running cons with Django

"As is my right as Daimyo of the Matsuyo Clan, and as sole living pureblooded heir of the Clan, I hereby welcome you as a member of the Matsuyo Clan, and bestow upon you the name of Matsuyo Genji. In all ways that matter, you are Clan and Family." Taki to Django.

"Honestly, Django is like the perfect synthesis of Lilly and I. If it weren't impossible, I'd swear he was our love child." Taki to Bailey, when discussing Django


Metalica The Unforgiven

Celtic Thunder Raggle Taggle Gypsy

Lenny Kravitz Fly Away

Bob Dylan Blowin' In The Wind

Cher Believe

Dean Martin Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes

Ruslana Wild Dances

The Dubliners Wild Rover

Bond Sahara

Jim I Nim

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