Denali's Breath

Totem: Wendigo

Pack Purpose:
To build a family, fighting together, dying together, living together. The pack is dedicated to helping one another and supporting each other.

Pack Members:
Aaron McFin
Bridget McFin

Desceased Members:

Pack Allies and Relatives

Pack History

Known to the Nation

The pack's members have been heard saying "Don't be stupid. Don't do that which will endanger your pack. Go to your pack with your needs." This may have something to do with how they work together.

Totem Stats
Background Cost: 7 Traits
Spirit Type: War
Pack Benefit: Each pack member gains five Rage Traits per story, regardless of Rage rating. Each pack member also gains two Glory. The Wendigo tribe respect non-tribe members who serve Wendigo, though the tribe remains distrustful until the outsiders
prove themselves worthy.
Ban: Wendigo’s children must always aid native peoples in need.
Additional Benefits: Wendigo is with each pack member and enables them to communicate mentally. Wendigo can materialize when needed without cost.

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