Dark Waters

Totem: Pearlscale (A pearly-white and vicious serpent, Uktena)

Pack Purpose: Cleansing

Pack Members:
Dances With Death

Desceased Members:
Night Sky

Pack History
Formed in late 2008 / early 2009, forged by Sheepkiller, who sought a spirit to make a bargain to cleanse an mountain and discovered the vengeful spirit Pearlscale. Upon successfully making amends to the spirit for the abuse it suffered at garou hands, the mountain was cleansed. Sheepkiller offered herself as payment to make amends and for the cleansing, and her informal pack and she were taken…. as pack. Pearlscale dwells… somewhere… with this pack, always in water or ice.

Known to the Nation

A gaian garou caused the spirit to loose one eye.
Pearlscale was once bound to guard a number of fetishes which were stolen by the BSDs. This drove Pearlscale insane.
Pearlscale has a cave of acid in the mountains.

Totem Stats
Base Cost: 6
Spirit Type: Uktena
Pack Ban: Never imprison a Gaian spirit against it's will.
Base Benefits:
All pack members gain the gift Flames of Hestia (however, the flames manifest as clear, ice blue water flames).
All pack members gain a +2 trait bonus on any cleansing / enigmas challenge.

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