Darius Lykopis

Darius Lykopis

Black Fury

None, however, he was born under the Trickster's Moon



Notable Traits
Darius is about six feet tall, possessing a body that doesn't seem all too muscular, but it doesn't detract from the fact that he is quite attractive. He has shorter cut black hair, trimmed neatly short and often naturally spiky, clean shaven almost constantly to keep up his appearance. Often, he's seen wearing a pair of typical camo cargo pants with a couple sewn on pockets, long sleeve shirts and a heavy jacket with quite a few random patches sewn into it.

He's often rather tricky to pin down, from jovial to one moment, austere in the next. Or is it that he's lewd, and cock-sure, it all flows from one moment to the next. One thing he's rather adamant about, is that he has some sort of 'no touch' rule with just about everyone, making sure that he has made it known rather soon upon meeting new people. Which has led to a couple shows of him being, at the least, rather submissive and hesitant around people, especially stronger females, often to merely making himself scarce near immediately.

==Information known to the Nation==

  • Darius, hails from Athens, Greece with a fairly large family that includes Vasilios as his cousin, and Juno his sister.
  • For whatever reason, he is known among the Furies for the most part, usually accompanied by irate words and angry Furies chasing him, to which he has been known to up and disappear.
  • He's the father of a great deal of children, with no official mate, or claim ever being recorded. And, for that fact, hasn't made an effort to be a proper father to any of them for whatever reason.

Kin / family

== Rumors ==
For the very few times he has been seen at the sept of Leaping Stag, he seems to have gravitated towards Marika Dragomir, or Lucky/Un-Holy. Is there some secret ménage à trois happening between them?

Seen at the bar, often drunk or getting to that point pretty quickly with progressive signs of alcohol abuse.

Song List

==OOC Information==

Player Andrej


Contact info
IC: Your best bet, would be to get ahold of one of the very few people(Read: His family.) who know his cell phone number, as it seems to be rather scant and unavailable.

OOC: Find me in the room, I'm available. If not, I'm not!

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