Daniel Lennox

Name William Daniel Lennox

Tribe Fianna

Auspice Ragabash

Rank Cliath

Breed Homid

Notable Traits
Physical: Daniel is lean and wiry. His mop of sandy hair threatens to cover up his mismatched green and hazel eyes.

Social: Daniel's witty, and charming when he wants to be. Seems to have little problem making friends. He's a cheeky wee goit and torments James like no man's business.


Wolf-forms: Daniel's fur is a dark red colour and his mismatched eyes seem to glow in the night.

Charming x2, Friendly x3, Witty x4, PB Fianna 1


Information known to the Nation

Daniel was one of the cubs kidnapped by the Pandora's Box Institute.
Daniel's been getting tutelage from James Fairbairn

Kin / family
His mom

Rites and Challenges



Daniel's the reason James Fairbairn is Den-Parent
Daniel's been causing nothing but trouble for the new den-parent (Lilith)…
Daniel's been spending his spare time fighting gnomes…


Evanescence - My Immortal


"So, we're dimension-hopping shape-shifting creatures of legend then?" - Daniel
Daniel's tale of the Rite of Passage

OOC Information

Player Yoda

Location Edinburgh, Scotland

Contact info moc.enieffacnoknurd|adoy#moc.enieffacnoknurd|adoy

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