Children Of Gaia
Name Breed Rank Auspice Notes
Ailith Eagles Homid Fostern Philodox Caller of the Wyld, Guardian
Alex Watches in Silence Homid Fostern Ahroun
Alexandra Lewis Homid Athro Philodox
Arkady Spoo Homid Fostern Ragabash
Bethany Minds the Gap Metis Athro Theurge Gatekeeper
Cecilia swims in darkness Metis Fostern Ragabash
Garrett Elliott Homid Fostern Galliard Assistant Keeper of the Land
Jesse Carley Homid Elder Ahroun
Leah Berry Metis Cliath Theurge NPC
Ronald Carey Homid Fostern Philodox NPC

Benjamin Rodgers - NPC
Destiny - NPC
Keith Rodgers
Pearl Carey - NPC
Sally Ellian - NPC
Kai Michelson

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