Calvin Davis

IC Information

Basic Information

Name: Calvin Davis
Deed Name: Longarm
Tribe: Fianna
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Adren


Garou Details

Totem: Earthquake, the Wyld's Messenger of Glory
Sept: Leaping Stag
Position: Den Parent
Notable Traits: Fianna Pure Breed 3, Fae Blood (contact player for details if you have a way of knowing about this).
Known Fetishes: Calvin is known to be the wielder of a potent spear, a family weapon passed down for generations, with certain lightning-related capabilities.


Calvin is a little over six feet and built like the high school or early college-age football player he was. He's maybe 18, and has sandy brown hair cut short, dark eyes, and carries himself with a great physical strength.

Known To the Nation

Deeds and Stories
  • Did you hear about how he handled that Bastet who was threatening his kin? Apparently he was so right he didn't have to lift a finger.
  • Calvin took out a Formori that was tree-running at over a hundred paces. With a rock. Right to the temple. In Homid.
  • His totem eats Thunderwyrms for breakfast.
  • He went through a caern-raising without taking a scratch.
  • Calvin's earned his deed-name through great proficiency with spears, in use and throwing. It's also both a play on his football days, and a callback to Lugh of the Long-Arm who slew Balor One-Eye. Because why say one thing when you can say twelve?
  • Calvin once impaled two vampires together with a particular spear throw in one battle.
  • "Kin are not magic eightballs!"
  • On being told said seer was not kin: "Garou are not magic eight balls either!"
Kith and Kin

OOC Information

Player: Warren
Contact: moc.liamg|egitserpcyN#moc.liamg|egitserpcyN

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