Calvin Baer


Player: Tim


  • Cal
  • "Dada Kal" (by Zeke)

Deed Names:

  • Bonesnap
  • Jormungandr's Bane

Creature Type: Garou

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Glasswalker (formerly Get of Fenris)

Auspice: Ahroun


Rank: Fostern


Titles: None


Homid Description:
Calvin stands seven and a half feet tall and built like an ox with very close cut blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He has a scar running across his jawline from ear to ear. [Intimidating 5] (Calvin used to have get of Fenris pure breed x2 but it is now gone.)

Crinos Description:

Lupus Description:

Everyday Outfit:
Calvin is often wearing camo pants, combat boots, and a black hoodie. He often carries a warhammer laced with silver strapped to his back.

Battle Gear:


Common Knowledge

  • Calvin left Leaping Stag and went back home for several months and returned the end of November 2009.
  • Calvin is often found working in The Forge where he apprentices under Brynja Halldorsdottir.
  • Calvin is often seen around the sept being cuddly with Sarah Beauregarde and her son Zeke.
  • In the middle of December 2009, Calvin left the Get of Fenris Tribe and joined the Glasswalker Tribe.
  • Calvin moved in with Sarah and her son Zeke.


  • Calvin had been getting pretty friendly with Mitrianna during his first stay at Leaping Stag.
  • Calvin was set up with Sarah Beauregarde shortly after her mate Zig took off on her AGAIN by her brother, Bogie, and his mate, Bailey Simons.
  • Calvin courted Bailey at the same time as Bogie did prior to Bogie claiming her as his mate.
  • Calvin left the Get of Fenris tribe and joined the Glasswalker Tribe because Bogie wanted a Glasswalker mate for his baby sister, Sarah.
  • Calvin's girlfriend is rumored to be pregnant. Some say with her ex-mate's child while others say Calvin already got Sarah knocked up.


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