Caern Opening

Here's how the prep session for the Opening on Friday will go down, ICly. All times are local Alaska time.

11:00: Folks at Leaping Stag muster in the meeting hall.
11:15: Moonbridge is opened to send all volunteers to the Menagerie.
11:15-11:45: Members of the Menagerie lead tours of the location for all those who haven't been there.
11:45-12:00: Taki gathers everyone together and gives them all their duties for the afternoon and for the rite itself.
Rest of the afternoon: Theurges work at summoning storm spirits and getting them to whip up a blizzard until dawn. Food Prep folks prepare meals/snacks for the defenders and folks, putting them into packs assigned to each volunteer. The packs also contain various other supplies - ammunition, medical supplies, etc.
15:30: Everyone gathers back in the common area for last minute updates. Defenders, one of the medical staff, and one ritualist are joined together in a Waking Dream of Unity so that everyone can communicate telepathically with each other for the duration.
15:45: Taki sends all pregnant kin and garou back to Leaping Stag while everyone else gets into their assigned positions.
16:00-ish: Sunset. The rite starts, and the festivities begin.


Support Squads

Support Staff

  • Nicole
  • Adrianna (Kin)
  • Emma

Healing/Trauma Team

  • Vasilios (Team lead)
  • Adrianna (Kin)
  • Adrianna Moore
  • Alexandra
  • Chance
  • Emma
  • Meredith
  • Nisha

Runner/Messenger Team

  • Trey
  • Rhyn
  • 2-3 Random Striders

Food Prep (Pre-Event)

  • Vasilios
  • Bailey
  • Inana
  • Nicole
  • Andrea

Defense Corp

Ritualist Defense Team

  • Ares & Hermes
  • Sheepkiller and Pack

Defense Team 1 - Overwatch/Scouting

  • April
  • Lillith Mia
  • Bogie
  • Django
  • Nayara
  • Lien Chen (Protecting Django)
  • Simae Tei
  • Ming Yue

Defense Team 2

  • Winter
  • Daniel
  • Mary-Lou
  • JT
  • Eric Holson

Defense Team 3

  • Aaron
  • Eirwen
  • Jake
  • Eyes of Rust & Steel
  • Akilina

Defense Team 4

  • Bridget
  • Dian
  • Billy
  • Rinty
  • Fidelma

Defense Team 5

  • Calvin - Group 2nd
  • Lynnea - Group Lead
  • Garret
  • Helmar
  • Cecilia

Defense Team 6

  • Daniella (roving defender and troubleshooter)
  • BHE


Name Auspice/Type Role
Night Sky Theurge Ritemaster
Kalika Theurge Rite
Heidi Theurge Rite
Supria Theurge Rite
Eshe Theurge Rite
Skye Theurge Rite
Kayyla Theurge Rite
Minds the Gap Theurge Rite
Dances with Death Philodox Rite
Lilly Ragabash Rite
Zuri Swara Rite
Freefall Mokole Rite
Daiyu Ning Zhong Lung Rite
Nuo Lien Mirror Rite
Pacal Kin Rite
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