Brynja Hjördis Halldórsdóttir


Player: Alyssa Fain

Name: Brynja Hjördis Halldórsdóttir

[Sword Goddess]
[Thor's Rock]
[daughter of]


  • Bryn
  • Brynja
  • Brynja Halldórsdóttir
  • "Blondie" (by Bogie)
  • "Cuteness Bane" (by Valgard)

Deed Name:

Creature Type: Ætling (Kinfolk)

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Nationality: Icelandic

Moon: Rotagar Moon (Ragabash Moon)

Born: September 8, 1991

Rank: Ætling Cliath (Kinfolk Cliath)

Pack: Fenrir Pride


  • Member of Fenrir Pride
  • Master of the Forge



Base Description:

Brynja is a tall striking young woman standing just over six foot. She is of obvious Norse decent with a strong athletic frame and fair skin with a sprinkling of light freckles. Her long light blond hair is usually worn in two lose braids though it is sometimes worn down wavy. Her eyes are a penetrating ice blue. There is nothing intentionally seductive about her though she is a stunning physical specimen and since becoming pregnant has gained some very nice curves.

{Get of Fenris PB x5 ~ Gorgeous x5, Commanding x4 ~ Natural Leader ~ Icelandic accent}

Brynja wears a pair of heavy leather pants that are very well made and fitted perfectly to her form allowing movement, a simple shirt, and heavy fur lined jacket and boots. She caries numerous finely crafted blades.

Working in the Forge:

Brynja wears a simple white tank, a heavy leather apron, leather pants that are very well made and fitted perfectly to her form allowing movement, leather bracers, and heavy boots. Her braids a a bit messy and she has light smears of black soot here and there.


Brynja wears a heavy leather tunic and pants that are very well made and fitted perfectly to her form allowing movement, a chain shirt that is even better crafted, leather bracers, and heavy fur lined jacket and boots. She has a long belt cinched at her waist with several pouches and sheaths. She caries numerous finely crafted blades.


  • Halldór Agnisson
    • [Thor's Rock]+[Edge (of a sword)]+[son]
    • Birth Father
    • Garou of the Get of Fenris Tribe
    • Blacksmith who died defending his sept from BSDs
  • Hjördis Gunnarsdóttir
    • [Sword Goddess]+[Warrior]+[daughter]
    • Birth Mother
    • Kinfolk of the Get of Fenris Tribe
    • Died protecting the sept's children from BSDs
  • Ári Friedensterm & Signy Jarls
    • Valgard's Father and Mother
    • Raised her since she was 5 years old
  • Valgard Friedensterm-Jarls
    • First Mate and Husband (Deceased)
    • Preys Upon the Wyrm, Horn of Valhalla, Stern in Resolve, Adren Viking Modi Berzerker of the Get of Fenris Tribe, Heir to Forge-Crusher, Family friend of Golgol Fangs-First family, Second of Thunder's Teeth, and Holder of the Cermonial Mead Horn of Þór.
    • Sent into the umbra by the Tribe on a quest just after their wedding and never returned.
  • Ragnar
    • Son
    • Born January 1, 2010 just after the New Year began under a blue moon.
    • Biologically Valgard's son but adopted by Logan
  • Logan
    • Mate, Adoptive Father to Ragnar, and Packmate
    • Bloody Kill, Never Rests When Hunts, Unleashes the Rage, Adren, Homid, Modi of the Get of Fenris Tribe

Information known to the Nation

  • Brynja is an accomplished weapon and armor smith, possibly the only smith at the sept.
  • Brynja runs and maintains the forge.
  • Brynja is also highly skilled in the art of leather craft.
  • Brynja brews quality mead.
  • Brynja was mated to Valgard Friedensterm-Jarls, Preys Upon the Wyrm, Horn of Valhalla, Stern in Resolve, Adren Viking Modi Berzerker of the Get of Fenris Tribe.
  • Brynja was orphaned as a child and raised by Raised by Ari Friedensterm & Signy Jarls along with their own child, Valgard Friedensterm-Jarls.
  • Just after the wedding, Valgard was called on by the Get of Fenris tribe to undertake a quest to an umbral realm.
  • Valgard did not return as expected from his quest and he has been confirmed dead.
  • Brynja is friendly with Helmar Elricksson and they have a lot in common.
  • Since Valgard's death was verified, Helmar had been referring to Brynja as his future mate.
  • Helmar was expected to claim Brynja after his Rite of Passage but after the interference of Fera this is unknown.
  • Helmar gave Brynja Ásbjorn the Bear and she was so happy she carried the bear around with her the whole next day. Ásbjorn is an antique golden brown teddy bear with chocolate brown velvet bow around his neck. He sits about eight inches tall with a cute little sad expression. His fur is slightly matted and worn in spots as if he has been through a battle or two and has small battle scars to show for it.
  • Brynja gave birth to a son, Ragnar, just as the New Year of 2010 began, under a blue moon.


  • Brynja does not miss Valgard and has already replaced him with Helmar Elricksson.
  • Brynja has just accepted that Valgard most likely will never come back and is simply doing what a Get of Fenris woman should and looking to the future possibilities rather than being weak and refusing to continue on with life.
  • Koren of the Corax hates Brynja because Helmar Elricksson does not return Koren's affections but seems taken with Brynja.
  • Has found a friend in Helmar Elricksson some say that their friendship has developed far beyond that behind closed doors.
  • According to Koren and Blake Rose, Brynja and Helmar have been having sex and breaking the Litany all along. Blake Rose even claims he has verified the "fact."
  • Brynja has a number of admirers.

Daily Routine

  1. Brynja's routine is not yet back to normal since Ragnar was born.
  2. Brynja does gets the forge going each morning and shuts it down in the evening.
  3. Brynja has been working sporadically on her weapons and armor during the first few weeks after the birth of her son.


  • Brynja: "How much skin is proper to still be girly but not like a prostitute?" ~ Valgard: "Well if you can make all the old men grab their chest and fall over…you know that it's to much."
  • Brynja smirks looking up at Valgard "And I thought you had people skills"
  • "I never considered myself overly motherly, but since I've been pregnant I seem to turn to mush everytime I see a cute baby." ~ Brynja
  • "I thought I was done working for the day… then I had an idea…. Purely for display…. well maybe for display…. baby's first double bladed battle ax." ~ Brynja
  • Get of Fenris on Thanksgiving: Helmar Elricksson smiles to Brynja and chuckles "I like to remember our ancestors that came here before Columbus" ~ Brynja grins "Ah that makes a bit more sense than a bunch of British colonists that had no clue on how to survive" ~ Helmar Elricksson laughs and nods "yes.. yes it does.."
  • "Fenris gives his blessing to your mating….says it will have strong pups" ~ Bergida translating for Wolfy to Helmar and Brynja
  • "You two look so perfect together." ~ Mitrianna to Helmar and Brynja
  • Brynja sighs happily and speaks very softly "I never really thought about Fenris taking much of an interest personally, but I think someone might have thought we would be good together" ~ Helmar smiles warmly to her "I think you might be right.. I never thought of his taking a personal interest either.. usually.. Im not sure if he does.. but perhaps on the occasion.. if he sees that it will make us stronger.."
  • Helmar: "Now.. if I take a mate outside of the Fenrir.. people would be in arms.. especially Brynja.." ~ Bailey grins and looks at Helmar and Brynja, "I think she'd beat the crap outta em, Helmar…"

IC Contact Info

  • Brynja can usually be found working in the Forge [#LS-Forge], most days.
  • When Brynja is not working she might be found in #LS-Brynja's, or possibly in the main area of the #Meeting-Hall.
  • Brynja has a cell phone though the number is not common knowledge and only to be given out in an emergency.

OOC Information


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