Breymir Olafsson


Player: Ed Deakins


  • Iced Rage
  • Winter's Judgement
  • Hammer of Fenris

Creature Type: Garou

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Born: <Enter date>

Auspice: Forseti Philodox

Rank: Adren

Pack: Fenrir Pride

Titles: Alpha of Fenrir Pride


Basic Homid Description:
Breymir Olafsson is a mountain of a man standing 6'6" and about 275lbs. He looks like depictions of Thor. He has visible scars on his arms, chest, and face. He has Tattoos all over his body in Futhark and other Aryan symbolism. He is missing his left hand and his right ear. He has an intense stare that doesn't go away and a Permanent limp. ( PB x4 GoF )

Basic Crinos Description:
Breymir Looks like a Huge Grey Wolf in Crinos. The scars from battles proudly adorn his body as he is missing an ear and his left hand. He stands over 12 feet tall and is near half a ton of muscle and rage.

Basic Lupus Description:
Breymir's Lupus form looks like a large Gray, silver wolf. He still has an intense gaze but this is the most non-warlike he gets.

Everyday Outfit:
Breymir Olafsson has on a tight T-shirt and has visible scars on his face and arms.

Battle Gear:
When dressed for Battle, Breymir has a Buckler he straps to his lost left hand. he wears chainmail armor and he fights up close with his razor-sharp claws.



* Helter Olafsson
* Father
* Cold Fire, Glory's Road, Bleeds for Belief, Crushing Might, One with the Horde
* A decorated Elder of the Camp Swords of Heimdall, This fanatical Ahroun cut a path for his sons to follow. He died in a Hive assault with Breymir at his side.

* Sigrun Karlsson
* Mother
* Aetling to the Get of Fenris
* She was a loyal and dedicated mother to her sons. She passed after giving birth to her 3rd son. this son has yet to be found.

* Elrick Olafsson
* Brother
* Frozen Heart, Stomps the Path, War Child
* A devoted son until he became Fostern. he left the Camp to follow his heart and marry a Fianna kinfolk. He died protecting those ideals.

Common Knowledge

Large Claw Mark across neck and face
Large Claw mark across chest
Large Claw mark across left arm
Large Claw mark across right arm
Permanent Limp on right leg
Missing right ear
Missing left hand
Large Scar from forehead to chin


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OOC Information

Player: Ed Deakins

Time Zone: <Enter Time Zone>

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: <Enter Email Addy>
    • Please list LS - Breymir in the beginning of the subject line.
  • IRC: Ed_oOc


  • Model: James Preston Rogers (edited)
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