Bethany Minds The Gap

Name Bethany (Beth) Minds the Gap, Patient Tears, Strength From Within, Spirit of Gaia (aka Itsy Bethy)

Tribe Children of Gaia

Auspice Theurge

Rank Athro

Breed Metis

Notable Traits
In homid, Minds stands only 4'2" in height, a slight young woman with smooth black hair in a thick braid and dark eyes. She wears warm plain clothes with full, layered skirts, belted at the waist. She walks with severe limp, wearing a brace on her leg and usually leaning on a cane or crutches. She faintly shows the breeding of her tribe, but more strongly has an Inuit look to her.
In crinos and lupus Minds has a beautiful silvery white pelt, pale amber eyes and an assortment of scars. Most notable are a hispo bite on one shoulder, claw scars down her back and across her abdomen, a bite scar on one forearm and a puncture wound of some kind in one shoulder. Minds' left leg is withered and twisted, the hip visibly mishappen and her left foot slightly clubbed. In four-legged forms she rarely sets weight on this leg.
Minds is very kind, and often friendly in a rather shy way. She is a hard-working girl, and often seems overly-consciencious.

Pack Little Bears Blessed (Skyhawk, Talin, Jamie Wolf, Xian Fei and Daniella)

==Information known to the Nation==
Minds is the Gatekeeper and acting Keeper of the Land.
Minds adores her greenhouse garden, carving and quilting.
Minds is an excellent cook.
Minds got elemental spirits of all four elements to work together on a sept defence.

Kin / family
Her mother lives at Crimson Moonlight, a sept further south in Alaska.

Rites and Chalenges



  • "Minds the Gap-Rhya…Beth…she has held me while I wept. She has healed me while I bled. She has made me smile while I was sad, and lent strength while I was weak. She is the family I will never see again. I do not think she knows." Xian Fei, Steel Fist of the Stargazers
  • "Minds? She's been through hell and came out walking…hobbling. She didn't break either, and she'll go the distance for anyone, no matter what kind of bastard they really are. She's done better than I have, and I've got little else other than respect for her. Except for the times she lets people treat her like a doormat. That pisses me off." James Fairbairn, Cub
  • "Beth exudes this aura of calm. Every time I see her, it's like I can relax just a little bit 'cause she's there, and everything will be ok. I don't remember my mom, but I always envision her being kind of like this." Bailey Simons, Bonegnawer kin

== Rumors ==
Minds' mother tried to kill her.
Minds childhood was extremely unpleasant and made James Fairbairn wince.
Minds was once attacked by a Shadowlord.
Minds is herself charach.


==OOC Information==

Player Hazel

Location UK

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