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Creature Type: Garu

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Silent Strider

Born: Wednesday May 13th 1987

Auspice/Moon: Ahroun the full moon

Rank: Cliath

Pack: None yet

Titles: None yet


Benjamin always looks to find out what is happening and gain control of any situation. This isn't to say that he wants to dominate others, but rather wants to understand the situation around him and react to it in a decisive and effective manner. He looks to life as a mater of duty and has his own understanding of what it means to be an honorable warrior.

In all forms Benjamin has two different colored eyes, one yellow the other blue. Ben also carries a vicious scar on his upper right arm and hangs awkwardly by his side. His left ear has also been torn off.


Basic Homid Description:

Lanky and short, yet far from unassuming, Benjamin is quick to move and even faster to take command of a situation. He moves decidedly and fluidly with a power and presence that make him loom larger than his diminutive stature would lead some to think. However, more noticeable is his unsettling glance that looks like it could bring down the world if set to do so.

Basic Crinos Description:

A towering giant, in Crionos, Ben’s long and powerful limbs are his most immediate feature. Rather than being stocky, Ben becomes rather giant in his transformation or as giant as a 9ft tall, multi-ton beast of legend can be. Lithe and adroit with distinct humanoid hands and an awesome grip which he readily demonstrates.


Basic Lupus Description:

In his lupine form, Benjamin cuts A lithe and wiry figure of slender build with a narrow head with pronounced snout and large vertical standing ears. His close cropped fur dark brown and grey fur and black highlights. Despite a meek appearance more closely related to a Dutch Shepherd than full wolf, he is both tenacious and ferocious.

Everyday Outfit:

Ben often sports a pair of light, flexible, black or gray jean cargo pants and a brownish turtleneck or kaki t-shirt. He wears a leather aviator’s jacket with an emblem depicting a fox standing in front of a sword with wings. On his head he often wares either a knit hat or cap and has black gloves for the cold climate. He also highly approves of his new set of Under Armor thermal gear consisting of a long-sleeved shirt and leggings.

Battle Gear & Notable Common Equipment:

He fights with a black polished shepherd’s crook or knife and on occasion a rope or chain. Trained in Hapkido, Krav-Maga, Savate-de-Rue, and Freerunning/Parkour; in combat he relies heavily on trips, holds, Joint locks and using the environment around him. He is more likely to fight in his black sneakers than combat boots (though I could swear he had a steal toe and heal plate put in that thing), as Benjamin favors agility over pure force.

A fair marksman, Ben owns both a Glock 36(.45 APC heavy pistol) which he often carries as well as a flashlight. He also owns a civilian issue Tavor rifle, which he uses on raids but rarely carries otherwise.

Contact me if you need a more detailed description of any of these items.

  • Staff - Sheppard’s Crook

A special staff made of Kamagong (a type of ebony also known as Ironwood) that has been steamed to form a crook and fire-hardened for strength and shape. it is extremely tough and he uses it regularly for both combat and acrobatic feats.

  • Knife - Becker BK7

This matt black knife sports a 7 inch long flat ground blade with a bowie knife clip point. A full-tang knife, built with 3/16 inch thick carbon steel, this weapon/tool is built to take (and give) a great deal of punishment and still perform. An additional hammering pommel also provides a passable string surface for pounding, cracking and other blunt force needs.

  • Heavy Pistol - Glock 36

This box magazine fed gun fires .45 ACP rounds and is capable of dealing massive damage to any target. The barrel features an octagonal, rather than hexagonal, bore rifling, which provides a better gas seal for the relatively large diameter rounds. The top of the gun only uses steel sights, however, a mount point below the front of the barrel is capable of fitting several tactical lighting attachments such as a flashlight or lazar sight.

  • Rifle - IMI Tavor TAR-21, SA only

A bullpup assault rifle chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. The Tavor is a rifle uniquely suited for urban warfare with a backset chamber and barrel. In this setup, the cartridge and bolt carrier group is placed behind the pistol grip, allowing for grater maneuverability with a smaller silhouette yet does not sacrifice barrel length. This model is only semi-automatic so it may be sold for civilian use.

  • Compass

A Military-style lensatic field Compass with two folding sights and cast-aluminum alloy body attached to a leather cord. This compass case is panted deep green with a Red/Black polar needle and adjustable disk with luminous markings and Red/Black north/south arrow and lines.

  • Flashlight

This simple LED flashlight uses a cluster of ultra bright 95-lumen LEDs. Made from a black machined aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens this device is highly durable with rubber O-rings for water resistance. A ribbed rubber grip and nylon lanyard make sure that this flashlight is fully secured and handy in any situation. This device runs on four AA batteries for a total run time of 36 hours. And yes, he uses rechargeables.


  • Raphael D. Levian / Rafael David Ben Dov Shimmon
    • Relation: Father
    • Names & Titles: Finds River Of Sand
    • A grand orator and astute salesman, Rafael used to work as a corporate broker and commodities trader. Versed in law and often highly knowledgeable about the products he exchanged, Rafael made a good living acting as a dealer and fought the worm both physically and even a few times on a corporate level (although he didn't care for such obscure infighting). He met Rebecca on one of his travels across Europe and fell in love soon thereafter.
  • Rebeca S. D. Levian / Rebecca Sara Bat Mirriam Chaya
    • Relation: Mother, though some think she may be a kin, maybe…
    • Names & Titles: None (her maiden name is Deskovskey)
    • a daughter of a well traveled Easter European anthropologist, Rebbeca has seen much of the world from the depths of central America to the heights of Tibet and the imperial halls of Russia. Now she enjoys the twilight of her life in Hipha and keeps in close touch with her children.
  • Joseph O. Mayor / Yosef Oreb Ben Zev Enoch
    • Relation: Friend, associate, fellow garu, cousin in-law
    • Names & Titles: Dreams Of The Salt Tree, Gokuraku2501
    • A tech for Intel Wireless R&D center in Petach Tikva. Joseph is an accomplished chip designer and constantly stays on the bleeding edge of the latest tech with a steady stream of new and experimental weapons and defense systems that he researches, or rather plays with, considering he usually calls them his 'army toys'. A year younger than Benjamin, he married Alaya 7 years ago and has since become part of the family, or rather vice versa.
    • *(note: Gokuraku2501 is a screen name)
  • Ariel R. L. Mayor / Alaya Rivka Bat Rebbeca Sara
    • Relation: Older Sister, now married
    • Names & Titles: thewholecloth148
    • A writer (now blogger), air force pilot, and mother of two, Alaya has yet to slow down. Three and a half years older than Benjamin, Alaya is just a kinfolk, as far as is known, but carries all the intuition, reflexes, and rage of an alpha.
  • Mary Friedman/ Meriam Shana Bat Ester Orlah
    • Relation: Former fiancé, now Deceased
    • Names & Titles: Silvercoat012190
    • Serious girlfriend and Ukrainian expatriate. She was a governmental secretary before becoming an account manager at an import/export firm. While they had been engaged, she died in a mysterious explosion before they got married; An unfortunate, but not improbable story.

Common Knowledge

  • Benjamin's hometown is Netivot
  • He has some military training in the IDF, and was part of an operation in Gaza. He is currently listed as being on administrative leave theoretically because of a wound he received during a mission.
  • Benjamin talks not only to those spirits of the umbra, but can also hear the souls of the dark umbra, and is approached by them, particularly in dreaming.
  • Benjamin is an avid Hacky Sack player, and given how he plays you understand why he thinks it should be an Olympic sport. His favorite games are Sipa, Slap, and Numbers (which he has been known to do at various times when he is bored).
  • Benjamin is known to prefer his coffee black, and he has openly announced as much on several occasions.


  • I think I've seen that patch he wares once before. The guy who had it said it belonged to 'Shualei Shimshon' (or was that Shualey Shimshon)
  • Heterochromia (the medical term for having two different colored eyes) usually occurs as a result of a birth defect, but I saw an old picture of Benjamin and both of his eyes were blue.
  • I have it on good authority that Ben really worked for Xe Services, you know, the guys that used to be called Blackwater.
  • I know I’ve smelled him with blood from a fresh kill before, but when I asked him to accompany me on a hunt and he said he wouldn’t come, what gives?
  • I heard he actually fought a minion of leach with a fire-footbag. Yeah, that thing he kicks around, it seems they have one made of Kevlar, and he doused it in gas then lit it used it to dazzle the leach.
  • I heard Ben and his friend Joseph once sidestepped into the digital web to break into a Ventrue’s office, can you even do that?

Daily Routine

  • Ben Spends some time in morning reading odd books, and occasionally debating with the air.
  • Ben Ducks off around 10-11 into Denali National Park for a hike or weapons practice.
  • Ben Plays a game of Hacky Sack in any random off time or when things get dull.
  • For those with sensitive scent: his left arm smells of leather most mornings.
  • Once a month, within a week after the new moon, Ben makes a trip down into Anchorage for a night. He also tries to head down most Fridays and then stays for the day after.


Rites and Challenges:

Right of Passage: was to delivered a message by mouth (so as the wyrm couldn't intercept it) to the bawn of wavering sands in the middle of Sirya to tell them that a cult of the wyrm had been found in the Roman ruins of Conimbriga trying to summon The Wave Unlucky. They thanked him for his service and then told him to take a ghost who approached Casts No Shadow and help the soul find rest. After asking the soul what it needed he went to visit a town by the lake Kinneret and watch a local family who took care of the ruins of Belvoir, a task which he agreed to do. Soon he found out that the brother-in-law of this family's father (who was the spirit) had been drained after offending a leach, and this leach had sought to take his revenge not only on the brother, but his kin including this family. In the end he sought out this vampire and, once he found the nest, alerted his father's pack. However, the leach decided to move before a team had a chance to arrive, so Ben chose to jump him first. After a quick rooftop chase to get the leach away from his charge, he was able to grab the vampire and flip with him down a furnace chimney.


To Find Out More:

feel free to email or IM Benjamin, or anyone in his family, and ask to find out more.


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IC Contact Info

  • Modes of Communication: Ben owns a cell phone (an LG GW990), Email, and responds to Text Messages. Hey everybody texts these days, why do you think he got a cellphone (ok, yes, Joseph gave it to him, but that’s not the point).
  • Favorite Locations: Unknown
  • Ben usually makes himself scarce on Friday and Saturday

Soundtrack and Media

For Combat

For Freerunning/Parkour

OOC Information

Player: Navaruk

Time Zone: USA Eastern Time (GMT -5)

Location: Washington DC, USA

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: Navaruk on Gmail
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  • IRC: Navaruk
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