The bawn is largely wooded, with a river flowing down towards the sea past the Meeting Hall and Serenity. Here and there there are open glades where people sometimes train. To one edge of the bawn is the glade child Frostfire. There is also a Pond which is frozen in winter and often used for skating. Here and there are marked dens belonging to the lupus and the lupus kinfolk.
In the trees around the meeting hall, many windchimes hang, and ribbons and rags flutter. Behind the hall is a huge spiritually-protected greenhouse, and a sheltered summer garden, with a covering roof to slide over in winter. Entry here generally depends on the favour of Bethany Minds the Gap or Ronald Carey.
By the riverside is the sweatlodge used by some of the native peoples of the sept. Tucked away about 20-30 minutes walk from the hall is a small cabin which formerly belonged to a kinfolk called Alison. Further still is the cabin and extension belonging to April.
Cassidy has a carvan on the bawn too.
To the north the bawn edge is marked by a road that leads eventually to Talkeetna and Anderson. The land here rises towards Mount McKinley (Denali) and the trees in places give way to bleak rocky grassland. Night Sky formerly held territory here - this area is now held by Sings the Hidden Songs
To the south-east the land falls into a valley, where the river flows away and there are 'main' roads and some minor settlements.
To the south-west lies the main road to Anchorage.

For those of a spiritual bent - there is a Level 5 spirit network over the inner bawn (where the caern's effects grant a +3 bonus to resist frenzy) and a Level 3 spirit network over the outer bawn (+1 to resist frenzy). Any theurge / spirit talker who is polite can generally get these spirits to answer. The chiminage for them is largely performed by Minds at this time.

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