Bailey Simons

Name: Bailey Simons

Tribe: Bone Gnawer Kin by blood, Glass Walker Kin by Marriage

Notable Traits: Enchanting Voice

Bailey appears to be quite young - in her mid to late teens. She has shoulder length ash blonde hair and wide blue eyes. She has pale skin with a light dusting of freckles over her nose and cheek bones. The right side of her face is marred by a long scar that appears to have been caused by a claw. She is still quite thin, but is finally starting to fill out slightly. She has recently given birth, and is ridding herself of her baby fat.

Bailey is generally very shy around people she has not met, and is oftentimes quite skittish. She currently spends most of her time at the Meeting Hall. She tends to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts, though if she is seen in a short sleeved shirt, it is evident that there are scars on the back of her arms and her back that are similar to the one on her face.

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family: It is fairly well known that Bailey is an orphan, and came to Leaping Stag to escape her past. Her husband died this past June in a hive dive, and Bailey does not hide the fact that her relationship with him was abusive to the point that she feared for her life on a regular occasion. She had twin girls, born 7 weeks early on 11/24/2009.

*Sidney and Addison - Bailey's infant twin girls, born 11/24/2009. Also known as Thing 1 and Thing 2

Friends and Adopted Family
*Bogie - Mate
*Django - Adopted Brother
*Outlaws Legacy - Adopted Brother
*Inana - Adopted Brother
*Taki - Adopted Brother
*Minds the Gap
*Zig - Ex-Boyfriend
*Sarah & Zeke
*JT - Deceased
*Lucky - (Unofficial) Adoptive father (or so he says)

*Thomas Lee Jones, Athro Ahroun Bone Gnawer - Deceased - Bailey's Father
*Jean Elizabeth Frank, Bonegnawer Kin - Deceased - Bailey's Mother
*Jimmy Simons, Fostern Ahroun Bone Gnawer - Deceased - Bailey's husband
*Wishbone Snappers - Jimmy's former pack, comprised mainly of Bone Gnawers and Ahroun. They plan to come to Leaping Stag in the spring to attempt to bring her and her children back, forcibly if need be.
*The Simons Clan - The family that took Bailey in after her fathers death. Their hope is that she will re-marry another of their sons.

== Rumors ==
*Bailey is really not as nice as she might seem. She's a home-wrecker and a problem-maker!
*Bailey's husband did not die in the hive dive - he was converted. And now, he wants her back.
*Bailey collects men the way some people collect baseball cards.
*Bailey is half wood Nymph, which is why so many men are falling all over themselves to claim her!
*Bailey is not nearly as pathetic as she appears - she is a trained ninja and will mess you up!
*Bailey has been spending an awful lot of time with Bogie. Common thought is that he will claim her sooner rather then later.

"Bailey has been adopted by Inana an' Me. Hurt her and Ah'll come lookin for ya…. She is family, ya don't mess with mah Family." Jake Outlaws Legacy

"Shes one of the nicest person I know its just a joy to be around her I'm lucky to have her as a friend."

"Bailey is my little sister, from another mother… and father.. so sue me Im Romani and I adopt… you look at her wrong I might shiv you.. you say something bad about her.. probably will shiv you… you hurt her… yeah.. your getting a shiving." - Django

"This girl? See, I traded her chocolate for a hat. A neat hat. Piggy with Googley eyes. She's awesome in my book. Can you imagine how intimidating a Crinos would be, wearing a piggy hat? " - Juno Lykopis

She's like a big Sister to me she always looks out for me and gives me good advice.I'm so happy shes my friend.-Nicole

"Well, when he first showed up, I was pretty much terrified that he was going to shoot Zig in the head. And then me. But once I got over the Army Boy facade…yeah, I'm not worried about him hurting me. Even if he loves to make me blush…" - Bailey on Bogie

"Because I love him, Cal. Because I feel totally comfortable with him and safe. Because he does treat me with respect and because he treats me like an adult. Because he looks at me like I'm the only woman that matters and because he wants to be with me. And he's NOT the first one to treat me with respect. And he's NOT the only one who feels that way about me…but right now, I have made my choice." - Bailey, talking to Cal about Bogie

Chance: Oh yeah… that you are totally forcing him to stay with you… let see… you're a whore… um… what else?
Bailey: Oh, I'm a home wrecker…I'm a total hussy. Oh, and I've slept with EVERY MAN on this sept.
Chance: I must ask…how does this amazing mind control of yours work? And can you teach it?
Bailey: Yes, I will teach you my amazing skills of strumpetry!

Zig: I don't deserve you
Bailey: I'm yours, as long as you want me.
Zig: But…I don't deserve you.
Bailey: Well, I think you do.
Zig: Why?
Bailey: Because you make me smile and you make me feel safe and you love me, in spite of all of my flaws and all of my problems. And you might think you deserve some horrible woman who will make your life miserable - but you don't. You deserve to be happy. Our lives are short and violent…be happy, while you can…All I ask is that you are always completely honest with me…and that you do what you have to do to find some measure of happiness.
Zig: You make me happy.

Helmar: "Now.. if I take a mate outside of the Fenrir.. people would be in arms.. especially Brynja.."
Bailey grins and looks at Helmar and Brynja, "I think she'd beat the crap outta em, Helmar…"

*Good Riddance - Green Day
*Good Rats - DropKick Murphy's
*Beautiful - James Blunt
*She's like the Wind - Patrick Swayze
*No Air - Glee Cast
*Ain't no Sunshine - Otis Redding
*For Good - Wicked
*Halo - Beyonce
*Fifteen - Taylor Swift
*Johanna - Sweeney Todd
*Annie - SafetySuit
*Love Song - Taylor Swift
*She don't know she's beautiful - Alan Jackson

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