Name: Ayet of Nez Perce

Tribe: Wendigo

Auspice: Looks to be Ragabash

Rank: Cub

Breed: lupus

Notable Traits: Ayet is a mostly black shewolf with grey fur dusting over her face, shoulders/flanks and underside coat. She peers to all with her dazzling grey eyes that seem to give a pecuilar look of sneakiness. She is definately around 2 years in age. (Wendigo pbx3)



==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family
*Spiritwynd, Judges without Haste, Makuyi of Nez Perce, born of wolf under a half moon, Child of Wendigo, fostern of the nation (white wolf in pic)
* Shifted after seeing Billy change into a HUGE grizzly within the meeting hall.

Rites and Challenges


== Rumors ==
*Was the only black wolf out of her mother's litter.
*Known to play with her food…either when it's alive or dead..



==OOC Information==

Player: Mandy aka Kitty_OoC

Location: Outside Memphis, TN, just in Arkansas…

Contact info: moc.liamg|nekasrof.erup#moc.liamg|nekasrof.erup

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