Player: Jeanne

Aliases: Ava

Creature Type: Kinfolk, unclaimed

Tribe: Glasswalker

Political Affiliation: Gaian

Titles: N/A

She arrived to the sept of Leaping Stag in January 2008

She soon later drove a truck rigged to explode into a group of BSDs that surrounded the sept, nearly blowing herself up in the proccess

She is often seen around Dunkin, and enjoys his company greatly

She lives in the city

She changes her hair colour every other day it would seem

She stands nearly 6 feet tall, with an extremely athletic build. She possesses a small waist, large bust and long legs, combined with her ankle length hair, she appears to almost have walked out of an anime. Her hair is most often a soft pink, though has changed colours from purple to blues. Her eyes are an almost turquoise green of sorts, and changes with her mood from a darker emerald green to almost the colour of a the clear tropical ocean. She is ever bubbly and bouncing, seeming to have no end of energy.

No Purebreed
App. 7

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