Arkady Spoo

Arkady Spoo


Player: Kristin Cornett

Takes the Hits- Cliath Deed Name
Runs for Dear Life- Fostern Deed Name

Creature Type: Garou

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Children of Gaia

Born: June 10th, 1991

Auspice/Moon: Ragabash

Rank: Fostern

Pack: An Síoraí



Basic Homid Description:
Arkady is a adorably cute, skinny little thing that stands at about 5’6” and appears to be in her late teens. She looks out at the world from behind her bright orange bangs with curious hazel eyes. Her usual style of dress is very casual, usually sweaters varying in color but always baggy, faded jeans, and black boots. She also tends to run around in funky colored toes socks when she doesn’t have to go outside. On occasion she is known to carry a non traditional style short sword in a sheath attached to her belt.

Basic Lupus Description:


Battle Gear:
Non traditional style short sword.


  • Fionn Modrson
    • Packmate
  • Kimi Snowfeather
    • Packmate
  • Katerina Mischkov
    • Packmate
  • Joseph Mills
    • Packmate
  • Katalina Spoo “Brings Together Gaia’s Children”
    • Adopted Mother (Deceased)

Common Knowledge


  • She is not all there
  • She doesn’t sleep…ever
  • She is the bastard child of two kinfolk whose tribes hate each other
  • She secretly hero worships Fionn
  • She doesn’t like boys.

IC Contact Info

  • She can usually be found in the meeting hall or up in her pack’s rooms

OOC Information

Player: Kristin Cornett

Time Zone: Central

Location: Chicago Burbs, IL

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: moc.oohay|9esumailahT#moc.oohay|9esumailahT
    • Please list LS - <Enter Character Name> in the beginning of the subject line.
  • IRC: Kristin_OOC
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