An Síoraí

Totem: Polar Bear

Polar Bear: Polar Bear is a Totem of War, Accepting only those with a taste for blood and battle. He inspires his followers to great acts of courage and valor. In exchange he asks that endangered bears be protected from poachers and the wyrm alike.

Base Cost: 4 Traits

Pack Members

  • Fionn Modrson

o Alpha
o Blód Andlát, The Silverwind
o Get of Fenris, Ahroun.

  • Joseph Mills

o Beta
o Roar of the Bears Fury
o Wendigo, Galliard

  • Kimi Snowfeather

o Judges the Troubled Heart, Carries the Dark Secrets
o Uktena, Philadox

  • Katerina Mischkov

o Heals with Hope, Dances the Maelstrom
o Silverfang, Theurge

  • Arkady Spoo

o Takes the Hits, Runs For Dear Life
o Children of Gaia, Ragabash

Pack Allies and Family

  • Ciara O Malley

o Mate to Fionn Modrson.

  • **Saoirse

o Adopted Daughter of Fionn and Ciara.

  • Tiva Kanti

o Friend of the Pack, arrived with Joseph Mills.

Common Knowledge

* The Pack is Highly Traditional.
* They are not currently accepting new members.


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