Ahriman Diego

Name Ahriman Diego aka Seeks the Shinies in the Darkness

Tribe Whats that? Ratkin don't got tribes

Auspice Shadow Seer

Rank Rakka

Breed Homid. Why you wanna know that that?

Notable Traits Ahriman has white milky eyes which leads to the understanding that he is blind. Also he has a habit of chittering and squeeking at times. No Pure Breed.


None. Currently follows Mama Rat. looking for one though

Information known to the Nation

Hope you mean the other Nests. The Blind Ratkin is known for hanging around in the heavy clothing that is patched and stiched together. Also has a notion for wanting to trade shiny objects all tht eime.

Kin / family

Wait I has those? but all of us are around in some way. Just think.. ever rat you see, could be one of us.


Rite of Dedication
Rite of Bolt Hole
Rite of Purified Body
Rite of Artifice Dedication
Rite of Crash Space



  • Is actually blind, but sees through sense of smell.
  • Will trade anything for a shine
  • Is really a Bone Gnawer Cliath Theurge with a bad sense of humor


Karma Kamelot
Linkin Park & Jay-Z - Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer
Flagpole Sitta
Weapons of Mass Distortion

OOC Information

Player Aaron cox

Location Huntsville, TX USA

Contact info moc.liamg|retsejhtog#moc.liamg|retsejhtog

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