Adelaida Pajari


Player: Alyssa Fain

Deed Name: Buffy the Wyrm Slayer, Faces the Fire


  • Adelaida Darya Kirovna Pajari
  • Aida Pajari (school friends)
  • "Princess"

Creature Type: Garou

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Silver Fang

Auspice: Ahroun


Rank: Cliath


Titles: None


Homid Description:

Aida is an attractive young woman in her late teens. She stands a petite 5' 5” with a perfect little figure. Her is hair is a shimmery platinum color and has been carefully styled. Her make-up and manicure are just as meticulously done and feature her beauty mark above her lip. Her clothing is always the epitome of style.
{Enchanting Voice – Natural Leader - Silver Fang Pure Breed x3}

Crinos Description:

Lupus Description:

Everyday Outfit:

Battle Gear:


  • Kir ? Pajari
    • Father
    • Kinfolk of the Silver Fang Tribe
    • Wealthy businessman into oil
  • ? ? ? Pajari
    • Mother
    • Kinfolk of the Silver Fang Tribe
    • Socialite

Common Knowledge


Daily Routine

Time Activity Notes
6:00 am Martial Arts Class with Peacemaker Independent
7:45 am Breakfast in the Meeting Hall With Cubs
8:30 am Philosophy and Discussion With Cubs
11:30 am Combat Training With Cubs
1:00 pm Lunch in the Meeting Hall With Cubs
1:45 pm Free time and Independent Study With Cubs
3:30pm TBD With Cubs


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  • "Barbie Girl" ~ Aqua (1997)

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Location: Central Illinois

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