Rules amendments to the MET system for Leaping Stag.



Gift retests can be cancelled with an appropriate ability. Deciding if an ability is appropriate is at ST discretion.


Resist Pain
Resist Pain works only on Physical pain. Mental agonies are not affected by use of this gift.


When making challenges, please clarify what you're doing in your challenge throw.

"Quick enough to stab you" against "Dexterous enough to dodge"
"Ferocious enough to intimidate you" against "Fierce enough to intimidate you"

The throw should include both the trait that you're using and the general action you're performing.

Reasons for clarification

  • Trait logging
    • STs should be able to tell which traits you've used.
    • If you don't have an appropriate trait left, then you have to bid two in place of it.
  • Clarity of actions and retests
    • No ambiguity over what you're doing
    • Type of retest is already defined by your actions
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